Living with abuse is torture

Abuse is not simple!

It’s not anywhere near as easy to leave an abusive relationship as one might think. And abuse doesn’t just happen in families. It can be there in the workplace, in friendships, at church, or anywhere there are people!

Living with abuse is torture

To leave might mean losing a job, a church community, children, and so much more. Those losses need to be balanced against the harm being done by the abuser.

Meanwhile, the abuse goes on and on and on. Sometimes pausing just long enough to convince a victim not to leave.

And then it starts again.


Living with abuse is confusing

So many abuse tactics are geared towards confusing the victim. Abusers win out when they can convince people – especially their victims – that the abuse isn’t happening.

When abusers succeed in denying abuse it can mean the cries of their victims fall on deaf ears, even if they seek help.

We can help with that by helping people to see abusive behaviour clearly. That helps victims to know what they are living with, and it helps them be believed.

But we need your help to succeed.


Spiritual abuse makes it even harder

A competent abuser can quickly make it sound like they are in the right. Like they are only doing God’s will.

With a few well chosen verses, an abuser can twist scripture to make it sound like a sin to leave an abusive marriage. Or any other abusive relationship.

On top of other abusive tactics, misusing the Bible can give abusers incredible power. With a good-hearted victim who is sincere about honouring God that can make for tragic ends.

As charity who specialises in helping the Christian community, we can help with that problem too. By showing people what the Bible really says about abuse we can help people break free.


We need funds

There are dozens and dozens of types of abusive behaviour to cover, and we want to spread our resources far and wide. We need FAQs and Fact Sheets, sermon guides and Bible studies, devotions, and other resources to help people spot abuse for what it is, and do something about it.

Please will you help by giving right now, as generously as you can?

Help us set people free

We rely on your support to help others. Our fundraising plans have been severely affected by the COVID pandemic, and we need your help more than ever.

Please will you give generously so we can help others spot abuse and find support to break free?

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