“Why does the pain stay for so long?”

That’s a tough question

How we wish the pain wasn’t so bad! Or that there was a simple answer.

Another person asked us,

How does one learn to live and love life, and recover after abuse?

Abuse can affect every part of a person’s life and well-being. Recovery can take years. The path is different for everyone.

You wouldn’t be reading this if you didn’t care. So how can we do something together?

We have a plan! And we need your help.

Right now, one step we are taking is developing the Abigail app to help those who are suffering with abuse. Abigail will bring people hope and help them move forward.

Every day, with Abigail in their pocket, victims of trauma can find encouragement and support, and build habits that help them heal and recover. (You can find more details about the app here.)

Anyone can benefit

Abigail isn’t only for victims and survivors of abuse. It’s for friends, family, health professionals, and others. It’s for anyone who wants to improve the health of their relationships and their own wellbeing, or who wants quick access to support resources.

But most of all, those who are suffering

Many of the people we serve have been spiritually abused. Or in some other way, the abuse they suffered has made it difficult to engage with church life and their faith in the same way.

So we choose verses and themes that might not be so common in church. We find those verses that talk about crying out in pain. About searching desperately for God. About hope and despair. About love, and not love.

Many Biblical writers suffered, or saw, abuse, and wrote about it.

We know God has space in his heart and his word for those who have suffered deep pain and injustice. And we care.

But we need your help

Please open your heart and help us bring hope and relief.

Will you share this ministry with us?

Please don’t delay.

Help bring healing and hope

Please help us support those who need it most by giving as generously as you can.

With our deep gratitude,

The Abigail Project

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