to be heard, and believed, is a relief

abuse is isolating

One of the most common feelings people express to us is the relief of being heard and believed. Of not being alone.

abuse can be devastating

The truth is, abuse can affect every area of a person’s life. Problems mount up. They spiral and cause other problems.

Sometimes people are left dealing with so much that things get out of control.

We know that being on the receiving end of abuse can have devastating impact.

We must support those who have been harmed by abuse. Not leave them to face the trials alone. We can literally save lives. Or help turn them around. Both.

but we need your help

Please help us support those who have been traumatised by abuse. Help us make the Christian community a safer place.

Helping people costs. Will you share that burden with us?

Please do.


help bring healing and freedom

Please help us support those who need it most by giving as generously as you can.

With our deep gratitude,

The Abigail Project

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