How to share our articles on social media

Do you want to help in the fight against abuse?

One of the great ways you can help is by sharing articles with people. Here’s how:

How to find an article on our site

If you are looking for an article to read or share, just head over to our Articles page

Here, you can either use the search box or browse by topic.


To use the search box

To use the search box, just type what you are looking for in the box


Click “Search”, and choose from the articles that load.


To browse by topic

First, scroll down to the heading: “Find articles relating to


Next, you can expand a category by clicking on the “+” sign

You will see a list of subtopics or articles:


At this point, you can either expand further, (in our example we see a list of articles to choose from)


Or, just click on the topic title and articles will load with introductions

Once you have found an article, if you like you can find similar articles by clicking on one of the topics underneath the article headline


How to share a quote on Twitter

Most of our articles have a quote ready to share on Twitter.

If you have a Twitter account, just scroll through the page to find a box like the one pictured below. (Often at the end of the article.)



Click on the “click to tweet” link, and Twitter will open up:



Just click “Tweet”, and you are done!

How to share our articles on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn

It’s easy to share our articles on social media, by following these simple steps:

Scroll to the bottom of the article you’d like to share.

You’ll find the sharing buttons in between the end of the article and the footnotes.

Just click on the button, then follow the instructions for your social network.

That’s it! You’re done!

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